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The Eagle Has Landed

Custom proudly presents the EAGLE Series. These high density, straight fin, multi-patterned staggered tube cores represent the cooling technology of tomorrow. Eagles are made from copper and brass, the ultimate radiator cooling materials. Copper’s high thermo-conductivity makes it the obvious choice for rodders concerned with cooling efficiency.

Eagle cores utilize style of seamless welded tubes. These tubes are computer designed and manufactured to precise specifications. Eagles new tube design has several rows of dimples on each side of the tube. These dimples create an internal swirling action of the hot coolant as it flows through the core’s tubes. This swirling action increases the rate of heat transfer (from the coolant to the wall of the tube) by approximately 10% (Tubes are the primary source of cooling. Heat dissipates from the coolant through the tube wall to the surrounding air, as well as to the core’s fins). The Eagle core’s staggered tube pattern provides superior air dynamics around the tube. The Tube-to-air heat transfer rate is significantly increased simply by staggering the rows of tubes. The cooling advantages are so obvious that you may wonder why everybody doesn’t use the staggered tube. Staggered tube cores are more expensive and much more efficient at the transferring heat.

Eagle cores have a tube every half inch (center to center). The Eagle staggered tube pattern is denser in the front of the core (grill side) than in the back (engine side). This exposes a greater percentage of the core’s tubes to the cool air entering the front of the core, thus increasing the overall cooling efficiency of the core. Eagle radiator cores are made from fully louvered straight fins, 11 fins per inch. This is approximately 25-50% more fins per inch than some other radiator manufacturers. Increasing the number of fins per inch (to 11 F.P.I. max.) increases the rate of heat dissipation to the air flowing through the radiator core. Eagle fins are computer designed and manufactured to precise specifications to insure maximum cooling and strength. (Fins are the secondary source of cooling, releasing heat to the air passing through the core area).

Street rods stiffer suspension systems historically subject radiators to additional vibration and stress. Eagle radiators are designed to combat that additional stress. The eagle core is built with additional tube to header support in each corner of the core to provide extra strength to those critical areas. Eagle radiators include all the advantages of Space Saver Radiators, (100% fin to tube contact, no dead air spots). Eagles are state of the art in cooling technology.

*More tubes per core *More fins per inch *Welded dimpled tubes

*Additional support in all four corners of the core

Eagle radiators were designed to provide additional strength and cooling in tight spaces. They are designed specifically for street rods where additional cooling is required (extra rows of tubes), but who’s engine compartment lack of space limits the use of a thicker core. When space is limited, Eagles provide additional cooling without adding extra inches. Eagle radiators are a Custom Auto Radiator Exclusive. At CAR, we believe the more you know about cooling, the more likely you are to choose Custom Auto Radiator for your cooling needs

“The Ultimate In Cooling Technology”

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